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Almay Coupons

Almay is one of the leading brands of makeup in North America, I personally love some of their products and always look for deals and coupons for Almay. On this page I am going to share where I find Almay coupons and also the best places to get deals on Almay makeup products. I really do like finding makeup coupons but it seems for Almay they are hard to come by, but don’t worry! I know a great place to get Almay makeup for a lot cheaper than in the stores and I will share a few places where I have found Almay coupons before.

Almay Coupon Resources

Almay page on Amazon – This is a great place to find deals on Almay products. Like I said before, sometimes it is hard to find a coupon for Almay, but you can ALWAYS find a deal on the page I linked to. The great thing is you can get free shipping and sometimes the products are 50% off or more! Take a look and see if you can find a deal :D

Almay Facebook page – I have noticed that whenever Almay has a promotion, new product or special announcement they will post it on their Facebook page. I searched there most recent posts for coupons and did not see any, but it is still worth checking to see if they have a special offer or deal. I think that when they do release coupons they would let their customers know via Facebook.

Almay Website – I was going to link right to the Almay website, but they do not even have a coupons or promotions page. I searched their site extensively and did not see any area where they might have coupons or promotions. I did find this very helpful Almay makeup tips page though and I thought it was a nice resource so I decided to link to it.

Best Selling Almay Products

If you are want to try something new, or look your best I always recommend finding out what the best selling makeup from a company is and then try it for yourself. Below are the best three Almay makeup products

Almay intense i-color smoky-i kit - This kit from Almay is a very popular eye shadow kid that gives you that perfect smoky eye look. This is good if you are going out or have a special event but you don’t want to do the smoky eye look EVERY day ;) If you want to get a deal on it just check the link at the top of this page

Smart shade Makeup – This is the perfect product to hide blemishes without any guesswork. It is easy to find the right shade for you because the smart shade makeup will adjust to the color of your skin! To get a deal on it visit the link to the Almay page on Amazon above

Oil-free eye makeup remover – This is actually the #1 eye makeup remover in America. It comes filled with oil free pads to help you remove eye makeup.

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