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Some people might see this page and think they are getting coupons for Elf’s but of course you know E.L.F stands for Eyes Lips and Face, all the most important parts of your beautiful face right :D. This page is dedicated to finding and sharing ELF coupons to help you save money on your next elf makeup purchase. Below we have highlighted some of the best resources for finding E.L.F coupons, we also add coupons to our Makeup coupons homepage and whenever we find an Elf coupon it will be automatically added to this page via our RSS feed. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page (in the right sidebar) to see the most recent makeup coupons.

ELF Coupon Resources

ELF Website – Many makeup websites have a coupons and promotions page where you can find their most recent promotions. I visited the ELF website and did not see a promotions page, however I did notice that they were promoting a great online deal right on their homepage. I have listed their homepage as a resource because they do feature some coupons and promotions there.

ELF Facebook Page – A great place to look for coupons for Elf cosmetics is their facebook page. Many companies, including ELF cosmetics update their Facebook page on a regular basis. There are also a number of great beauty tips that they share on a regular basis. I checked their news feed and there were a few coupons a few promotions and some good little beauty tips as well.

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